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Albania Seaside Riviera

Vlore seaside near Radhime Hotel Garden
Albania Riviera

This coastline is usually the place to start,with its bright blue oceans, and its numerous islands put upon it like in Ksamil, Vlore and Saranda, the southern most coastal city in Albania.

Notice that the coastline extending North from Vlore to the Montenegrin edge is thin and contains beaches. That is the center of mass business in Albania. You will see seaside townships such as Shengjin, Durres and Vlore and love the healing sands of Velipoje.

South of Vlore, the European Riviera is made up of rough or rock like shores with impressive blue waters. This country comprises primarily wooden house complexes, furniture and breakfasts, camping sites, and home owned hotels as accommodation facilities.

Llogara go is a mountain pass placed at the beginning of the Riviera near Liogara National Park which provides the royal look of the Riviera from above. Nearby is seen cesar's attempt, this home where Julius Cesar is said to have fallen in his quest of Pompey.


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